Leave the Mess on Christmas!

In a few days your house will be filled to the brim with wrapping paper scraps from opened gifts, shirt box pieces all over the place, gift bags on the floor, ribbons and bows scattered around, and tissue paper everywhere!  The mere thought of this honestly makes me a little anxious.  But what I want to say to you is…leave it alone!  Enjoy it!  Relish it!  Take it all in!  Be thankful that you can experience this chaos! Keep all … Read More

Holiday Gift Lists: “The Christmas List” App Review

Welcome to my very first blog post!  I’m super excited and eager to share lots of updates and useful information and tips with you over time.  Let’s start by talking about my favorite time of year, Christmas and the Holiday season! Since the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season is upon us, I wanted to start off by saying that I know we all have so many things to do – preparing the house for the holidays, baking and … Read More