Living Organized Packages

Please Note:
  • Package pricing and time ranges are estimates based, from experience, on one room.
  • Actual time and fees can vary depending on the many factors including:
    • the size and layout of the space being organized
    • availability of storage and organizational supplies
    • number of items in each room
    • your willingness and ability to make decisions about your items
    • time needed to share and discuss memories about your items
    • attending to emotions that may arise while organizing
    • dealing with routine interruptions from family members or pets
  • I endeavor to provide as accurate an estimate as possible by conducting a walk-through and talking with you about your goals and objectives for the space.
  • I will check in with you, as it relates to time, throughout the organizing process, so conscious decisions about changes can be made if needed.
  • All packages, except for moving services, can be done in-person or virtually.

Price: $400 (average range is $400-$600)

Time range: 4 hours (average range is 4-6 hours)

Ideal Candidate: Things are everywhere. You want to put things back but who has the time?  You need help tidying up and want to be as uninvolved as possible. You just want to be able to maintain it after I leave. We may have worked together before and you just want a refresher.

Our Solution: I take care of everything. Your only job is to provide a little information before I start and provide feedback when complete. I sprinkle my organizing magic all over your space, handling everything from sorting and organizing to putting things back in place.

Your Takeaway: You can find everything easily with a sense of “Ahhh, I can breathe again!”


Price:  $600-$2,000

Time range:  6-20 hours

Ideal Candidate:  You need to declutter and learn how to use your space best.  You want great containers to corral items and labels for easy access.  You may consider yourself a visual person who likes to see most of your items and quickly know where items go.

Our Solution:  I use a three-phase process to create a system you can easily maintain once I’m gone.

  • Phase I: Categorization.  You are as involved in this stage as you want to be.  Work with me or tend to other important things.  Nothing will be discarded without your approval. I label the categories, as needed, to make this phase as seamless as possible.
  • Phase II:  Review.  You jump in on the action.  I guide this process by asking targeted questions that help you make concrete decisions. Items marked for departure will be boxed in preparation for leaving your home.
  • Phase III: Conscious Design.  Practical life is the topic of discussion here.  We discuss where items are most useful and move as needed.  We consider storage, shelving, containers, and anything else that support maximum organization and successful daily living.

Your Takeaway: You will have the space you’ve always wanted where your items are clearly organized and labeled, and everything is where it should be.


Price:  starts at $1,250

Time range:  10+ hours

Ideal Candidate:  You have been trying hard to organize but things just keeping going back to how they were. You accumulate too much and may have difficulty letting go. You have many interests and incomplete projects and not enough time to do things. You may suffer from medical or psychological conditions that compound your efforts.

Our Solution:  I use a personalized process to assess your unique challenges and needs, at your pace and comfort level.

  • Phase I:  Deep Dive/Comprehensive Assessment.  I’ll look to you to tell me about your history, learning style, barriers to organizing. These details will help guide me in assessing your personal strengths and limitations, and your readiness for change. This phase is all about talking through your needs in order to accomplish the next phases.
  • Phase II:  Tailoring.  You decide where you want to begin.  I’ll teach you the basics of sorting and categorizing so that you can start to implement these skills with confidence.  I model this process through action, support, and encouragement.
  • Phase III: Mindful Decisions:  You decide what items to keep, donate, or discard.  The focus will be on why you’re keeping what you’re keeping. I’ll guide you in separating any emotional attachments with the usefulness of keeping items.
  • Phase IV: Organizing:  To put away or not put away is the question.  You tell me how you prefer to store items.  I’ll help you develop a useful organization system, with appropriate containers and labels.

Your Takeaway:  You will achieve organizing success and enhance your quality of life.


Price:  starts at $450

Time range:  6-20 hours

Ideal Candidate:  You are moving and are exhausted at the thought of packing. You need a mover and want someone to just do it all.  Perhaps you have recently moved and don’t have time or energy to unpack.  You could use help figuring out where to put things in your new home.

Our Solution:  I offer a variety of moving-related services to make the process stress-free.

  • Moving Services: I partner with a long-standing, reliable, and licensed privately-owned moving company to ensure all your moving needs are met, locally or nationally. Boxes and moving supplies such as tape and packing paper can be purchased for you and delivered to your door, saving you time and trips to stores.
  • Packing Services: I’ll carefully pack your items to ensure they arrive safe and intact to your new home. If there are items or furniture you want to donate or discard, I can take care of this for you. You will have clearly labeled boxes and will have a list of the contents inside to make unboxing as easy as possible.
  • Unpacking Services: Your boxed items will be put away and organized. I can put away your items while considering your needs and ergonomics.  When everything has been unboxed, I’ll haul away all your empty boxes and packing material.
  • Floor Planning Services: If‎‎ you’re wondering how your furniture will fit in your new home, I can take measurements and provide a custom floor plan of the space you’re moving into. We can discuss your space and review ideas, which will enable you to rework ideas, so you don’t have to pick up and move heavy items later on.


Floor Planning
If you are looking to add new shelving, add a custom built-in cabinet, or change the layout of a room, floor planning can help. During the initial visit, we will meet to discuss your space, go over ideas, and take measurements. This process enables you to rework ideas before all the hard work is done. Your space can be made into 3D images which will allow you to see your proposed space from all angles.

Event Planning
If you have an upcoming event, party, or project Living Organized, LLC can help you get organized by breaking down the steps, and developing manageable tasks, so that your event runs smoothly and effortlessly.

Speaking Engagements
I am available to speak to your group about any aspect related to professional organizing.

Refer a Friend
Refer Living Organized, LLC to a friend or family member and receive a 10% discount off your next session.

Travel Fee
An additional $25 travel fee will be charged for clients who live 25 miles outside of Norwalk, CT.

Cancellation Fee
Cancellations must be received within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. For all other cancellations, clients will be charged half of the session fee.